The football associations of Israel and Ethiopia signed this morning (Thursday) a cooperation agreement in a variety of areas: friendly games between the teams, technological partnership, competition management, football and youth football development, coaching coaches, referee development and more. In the presence of the Ethiopian Ambassador to Israel, Rata Elmo, signed by Oren Hasson, chairman of the association, and his Ethiopian counterpart Assayes Juri.

Chairman of the Association, Sturdy pine, Greeted: “A wonderful miracle has happened to the Israeli society that has been blessed with hundreds of thousands of members of the Ethiopian community. The birth cords were not easy for the absorbed and for the receptors, but this natural connection is the shade we so wanted for the whole picture. And my sisters from Ethiopia, I do not want to see one area in which my brothers and sisters from Ethiopia are not a part of it. “

Football as a place of unity: “Our football is where everything connects. The similar and the different. The new and the old. Our national teams have been blessed with the natural talent of the community, and they have also led us to wonderful achievements.” He mentioned the former Maccabi Netanya midfielder, Amia Taga – “He scored the goal that first brought us to the European Under.21 Championships in 2007, Eli Desa was the first Ethiopian captain of the young team and currently stars in the senior team and the Dutch Vitsa team. Almost every locker room The national teams and football leagues in Israel – women and men, children and adults – enjoy the blessing of the sons and daughters of the Ethiopian community who were born and raised here.

Assays Jury, Oren Hasson | Football Association

Oren Hasson, Assays Jury | Football Association
Rata Elmo, Oren Hasson | Football Association

He added: “The Memorandum of Understanding we are signing today, with the encouragement and support of the UEFA, is another important pillar in the courageous relationship between the two countries that has been developing for many years. I am convinced that we have something to contribute to you, just as yours has quite a few things to teach us. And here too the whole will become large and varied in the sum of its parts.

In conclusion, he said: “I would like to thank the two members of the Football Association who contributed greatly to this moment and will continue to contribute to strengthening and developing ties between the two associations and the countries in the future – to Mani Yasu Football Association Who did not give up for a moment and knew how to overcome any obstacle that threatened this important and historic moment. “

Chairman of the Ethiopian Association, Assay Jury, I said: “I would like to express my appreciation to the Israeli Association for the invitation to come here, our second home. This is a founding moment that is much more than a football game. We will strengthen the ties between us even more for the development of football in both countries. “We will implement this. We are as committed as you are. I hope to see you in Ethiopia soon, hoping to have a friendly match with the senior teams. I believe that together we will do wonderful things for the benefit of both countries.”

Assays Jury, Oren Hasson | Football Association
Rata Elmo, Oren Hasson | Football Association

Ethiopian Ambassador to Israel, Rata Elmo“Both countries and peoples have a long common history and this event lays wonderful foundations for a common future. Football is a great opportunity to promote partnership and deepen ties. We are starting football, but I call on other industries to build successful connections with the corresponding unions in Ethiopia. Thank you for the great investment For the sake of a promising future. “

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