It happened as it had to: The German competitions of the 70th Four Hills Tournament will take place in camera after the Covid measures were tightened in Bavaria. This means that the competitions in Oberstdorf (December 29th) and Garmisch-Partenkirchen (January 1st) will take place as ghost jumping.

“Unfortunately, the new ordinance of the Bavarian state government leaves us no room for maneuver. That’s a shame, because we had developed an excellent protection concept, “says Florian Stern, general secretary of the opening competition in Oberstdorf.

The situation is open for the two competitions in Innsbruck (4.1.) And in Bischofshofen (6.1.). The Austrian Ski Association is still hoping to let spectators into the stadium. The decisive factor here is whether the lockdown is extended or whether some areas are made accessible to the public again.

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