At least seven people tested positive for the corona virus after attending football matches in Copenhagen as part of the European Championships, Danish health officials said today.

Health authorities invited several thousand fans, who were at the group stage match against Belgium, on June 17, to a test, after which the presence of the “Delta variant” of the corona virus in five people was confirmed.

Danish Minister of Health Magnus Hyunike wrote on his Twitter account that “about 4,000 people were sitting near the infected with the corona virus”, at the “Parken” stadium in Copenhagen.

The other two cases were determined after the match with Russia, which was played on June 21.

The Finnish public service reported at least 80 virus infections in people who entered Finland from Russia in the previous days, where they watched two matches of the national team at the European Championship.

Last week, the Russian city of St. Petersburg introduced stricter measures in the fight against the corona virus, and that city will also host one quarterfinal match at the European Championship.

In today’s statement, the European Football Union (UEFA) expressed satisfaction with the small number of people infected with the corona virus at the current championship.

“Overall rates of positive tests after the group stage of the European Championship are still low,” the statement said.

Everyone who was in the three matches of the group stage in Copenhagen had to show a negative test for the corona virus, before they came to the stadium.

The first match against Finland was attended by 16,000 fans, while in the match with Belgium, due to the relaxation of measures, the presence of 25,000 people was allowed.

As of April 2, Denmark has confirmed 249 cases of the “Delta variant” of the corona virus.

Each ticket holder must register and enter personal data before going to the stadium, through which a test call is made later.

Copenhagen will host the match of the eighth finals between Croatia and Spain on June 28.

Due to the corona virus, the match of the third round of the group stage was missed by the Scottish player Billy Gilmore, while two members of the English national team, Ben Chillwell and Mason Mount, had to miss the match because they were in contact with him.

“So far, we have not found any unusual results, which are related to the mass event, in connection with the infection of football players,” said the head of the UEFA medical team, Zoran Bahtijarevic.

The European Championship was supposed to be held last year, but it was postponed for this year due to the corona virus pandemic.

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