A transgender swimmer broke a record and caused a stir

“Ridiculous”: A transgender swimmer broke a record and caused a stir
Swimmer Lia Thomas was born a man, announced a gender reassignment and moved on to compete in the women’s swimming league. She defeated the contestants by a margin.

A storm has erupted in the world of sports after transgender swimmer Lia Thomas broke two American records in women’s swimming.

For Thomas, who has been a professional swimmer in the men’s division for over three years, this was the first time she was allowed to compete in the women’s division.

In swimming 1,500 meters she set a new American record when she reached the finish line in 15:59:71 minutes. Second place went to swimmer Anna Sophia Klandze with a huge gap of 38 seconds.

She broke the second American record in the women’s 450 meters. She stopped the clock after 4:34:06 minutes, when again there was a huge gap to second place of no less than 14 seconds.

The achievement provoked, as mentioned, a storm. “It’s not right,” British author Paul Ambery wrote on his Twitter account. “It can never be okay. Most of the population knows it’s total madness, but many are just afraid to say it out loud.”

“It’s ridiculous,” wrote Scottish MP Murdo Fraser. “It’s so unfair to the industrious swimmers.”

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