The International Automobile Federation (FIA) rejected the second complaint of the Mercedes team, so the order in the last Formula 1 race for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix remained unchanged and the new champion is Max Verstappen from Red Bull.

Verstappen won its first championship title today, overtaking Luis Hamilton from Mercedes in the last lap of the controversial race in Abu Dhabi, the last of the season.

Due to the accident of Nicolas Latifi from Williams, there was a safety vehicle on the track and drivers must not overtake during that period. Mercedes complained after the race because the team believes that Verstappen overtook Hamilton while the “safety car” was on the track.

The race stewards rejected the appeal.

In the second complaint, Mercedes stated a violation of the protocol behind the safety vehicle, Article 48.12, and the stewards rejected that complaint as well.

They explained that although this article may not have been “fully implemented” since the security vehicle entered at the end of the same round, “Article 48.13 replaces it and when the message ‘safe car coming out of this round’ is displayed, it is mandatory to withdraw it at the end of that round. circle “.

Since both Mercedes’ appeals were rejected, the order of the race remains unchanged, so Verstappen is the new Formula 1 champion.

“It’s disappointing that we had to go through this. This has been an amazing year, I’m proud of Max and the whole team. He’s a world champion, he deserves it,” Red Bull director Christian Horner told Sky.
Hamilton remained the record holder with seven titles and was tied with Michael Schumacher.

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