The England team will host the German team at Wembley Stadium only on Tuesday (starting at 18:50 in Sport2), on the last match day of the eighth stage of the Euro 2020 final, but the atmosphere ahead of the meeting is already boiling.

Joachim Lev and the team suffered very harsh criticism for their last appearance against Hungary (2: 2) on Tuesday, a game in which Germany achieved a dramatic equalizer and without it would have been eliminated already in the home stage, but the German camp is very encouraged that Thomas Müller has recovered from a knee injury. He is set to replace Leroy Sana who has shown weak ability and there is another dilemma between Ilkay Gonduan who disappointed and Leroy Gorczka.

Another change in the German squad and a decision will be made near the game will be regarding the striker, when according to reports there is a possibility that Serge Gnabry, who has not won in the Euro so far, will be replaced by Timo Werner – Chelsea striker who recorded a particularly disappointing season in the Premier League. The English, with an emphasis on the English media.

On Tuesday it will be Werner who will open instead of Gnabri? | Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

Former player Stefan Afenberg, who started for Germany in the 1992 final match in which Denmark won, hit the winds when he told the German website “Sport 1”: “England is the most comfortable rival we will meet so far in Euro 2020. It is an easy team for us, we have no reason to fear the encounter. “Of course. She has top players in the world, Premier League stars, but their ability is really not good at the moment.”

Afenberg added: “England will host the game in London and all the pressure will be on it, there will be a crazy atmosphere, but it can also go in the direction of extremism for the English. Harry Kane did not even score in the Euros and there is a lot of criticism in the English media about everything in England. Gareth Southgate also snatches up for not integrating Sancho. “

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