Hill jumping: Alexandria Loutitt, 19, flew over 220 meters

Women’s ski jumping history was made in Norway’s Vikersund.

Women’s History was made in ski jumping on Saturday. For the first time, the women got to do real work on the flying hill, so naturally the longest jump in history was repeated many times.

Canadian golden eagle Alexandria Loutitt made a jump of no less than 222 meters in Norway. The 19-year-old Loutitt flew to the record on the Vikersund airstrip. Vikersund hill is currently the largest in the world.

The ME result improved earlier on the same day. Norwegian Maren Lundby attempted a jump of 212.5 meters. However, the 28-year-old was only able to enjoy the position of holder of the ME result for a while.

Before him, a Slovenian Ema Klinec, 24, made history in the same race. His jump reached 203 meters. However, the hill jumper who became the first woman to cross more than 200 meters had to state that her feat was a piece of paper alongside two other heroes.

A day hero Loutitt was full of enthusiasm after Saturday’s jumping session.

“This is magical. Let’s see how long the record will last. Maybe I can keep it in my name for today. This is pretty awesome,” the Canadian jumper gushed to the Norwegian NRK:lle.

“Getting to Letnomäki has been a long battle for us. The whole group that gets to do this together is incredibly happy and we celebrate as a group when someone jumps well. Such moments are never forgotten. This is extremely important for the entire environment”, Loutitt was happy.

Lundby was also excited to be able to hold the ME result even for a moment.

“It was wonderful to have it in his name, at least for a while. It was a good jump and I gained additional meters by flying,” he told NRK.

Loutitt has a wild spring, because at the World Championships in Planica he won the Suurmäki World Championship.

The women jumped three test rounds on Saturday in Vikersund. On Sunday, the first airstrip competition is coming up.

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