UEFA index: despite Nice, France still at jeopardy of losing 5th place

It becomes more evident that it was a danger. Ligue 1 still points to fifth place in the UEFA index this Friday (far behind England, Spain, Germany, and Italy) despite its less than stellar performance on the European stage this season, which included several precocious ones, including PSG’s in the knockout stages of the Champions League this year. However, the gap with its main rival, the Netherlands, is narrowing. The good news is that Portugal cannot return to France now that Porto has been eliminated from the Champions League, even in the event that Benfica pulls a trick. Already the case.

The season of 2024–2025 poses a challenge, and it is a significant one. In place of the current 2+1, the nation that finished fifth in the current season will now send three clubs directly to the group stage of the C1 plus one in the preliminary round. If France were ever surpassed, it would still have three potential Champions League qualifiers, giving the Dutch Eredivisie the additional spot awarded to the fifth. Similar to how only the winner of the Coupe de France would automatically qualify for the Europa League, forcing the fourth and fifth-place finishers in the tournament to through a grueling series of preliminary rounds in order to enter.

In conclusion, staying in fifth place would be in. Problem: Nice is the only player representing France who has qualified for the quarterfinals of the smallest European championship. While the Netherlands still has Feyenoord and Alkmaar in the Europa League conference quarterfinals, respectively. Only 2,000 points separate the two.

Not much of a distinction. We must first comprehend the approach before we can attempt to condense how this rating functions and what these 2000 points mean. It is based on the clubs’ performances in the last five years of European tournaments, with each year’s results computed on the average of the points amassed by all the clubs in the same nation, weighted by the number of clubs from this nation that qualified for the European Championship (France thus had 6 representatives at the start of the European campaign, against 5 for the Netherlands). Points are earned for each win, draw, and qualification, occasionally with incentives like when qualifying for the Champions League knockout stages.


As a result, France is currently ranked fifth with 60,999 raised during the previous five years. Of course, it is a long way from England, which now leads with 106.427. Nowadays, there are 58,900 in the Netherlands.

1. England: 106,427 points, with 19,857 of those coming this year.

5. France: 60,997 points, with 12,416 of those coming this year.

6. Netherlands: 58,000 points, with 12,500 of those coming this year.

So much for the portrayal before the three competitions’ quarterfinals. Since anything is still subject to change. It would be extremely difficult to define every scenario that would allow the Netherlands to visit France again due to the numerous winning and qualification possibilities. Yet a strong showing from Feyenoord, who humiliated Shakthar Donestk on Thursday in the round of 16 (7-1) in the Europa League, might be deadly for France because it earns more points than the Europa League Conference. excluding Alkmaar entirely. And even if Nice got very far, this.

The draw for C3 and C4 (this Friday at 2 p.m.) is crucial since, in short, it has not been won. as a probable justice of the peace with a Nice-Alkmaar quarterfinal?

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