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Although the national team’s head coach believes that it is okay to express emotions, he expects that this will be true even during the holiday rush.


The celebrations in the capital will be different from previously if the Lions win the ice hockey world championship in Tampere.

After May Day, the Havis Amanda statue, which was the focal point of Helsinki’s celebratory excitement, will be removed for conservation, thus the puck fans scaling its summit won’t be in the picture this spring.

One of the reasons the statue in general has been harmed to the point of needing restoration has been attributed to climbing. The statue is intended to be safeguarded after conservation so that climbing is prohibited.

Havis Amanda has been severely scratched and damaged by revelers, necessitating removal of the monument so that it may be repaired.

Havis Amanda has flaws, as evidenced by the photographs, which reveal signs of reckless partying.

Learn more about how Manta is affected by crazy partying in these images: Excessive drinking mainly affects the buttocks.

Jukka Jalonen, the head coach of the national team, thinks it’s okay for people to express their joy after a win, but he requests that “Manta” be respected.

“It’s beneficial to express happiness in some way, but you must undoubtedly maintain your composure. I want Manta to be in a state where it is enjoyable to look at. Most likely, the area will be secured so that you cannot climb there any longer. It makes perfect sense. Manta is a magnificent statue that deserves attention “affirms Jalonen.

“On the other hand, I realize that occasionally youngsters become a little overexcited when they see what Finland accomplishes.”

Mixed Jalonen claims that national team GM Jere Lehtinen has firsthand knowledge of the Lions’ accomplishments. For those participating, the very fact that anyone ventures out onto the streets is significant.

When Finland won the inaugural world championship in 1995, Lehtinen was a participant. At that time, Helsinki’s streets were crowded with people cheering on the heroes.

Lehtinen claims that it was only after seeing it with your own eyes that you fully understood how profoundly it had affected Finns.

Jalonen claims that the importance that the masses place on something ensures that the level of expectations for the job remains high.

We want to contribute our finest work so that we can earn their respect and trust, says Jalonen.

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