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Antonio Conte, the manager of Tottenham, attacked both his team’s management and his players as being incompetent.

Football Antonio Conte is the manager of Tottenham, a team that competes in the English Premier League. On Saturday, Spurs surrendered a two-goal lead at Southampton (final score: 3-3), and Conte let it all out in the post-game press conference.

Conte blasted his team’s players for being egotistical in a rant that lasted almost ten minutes. Their honor was also heard by the club’s administration. Conte went one step further, asserting that there are obvious explanations for why Tottenham is unsuccessful.

They are accustomed to it, thus. They are not competing for any significant prize. They do not wish to perform under duress. They don’t want to appear anxious. That makes things simpler. This is Tottenham’s tale. The owner has been working here for 20 years, but why hasn’t he ever won anything? Listed is Conte.

Tottenham has won a trophy in the recent 20 years, specifically the English League Cup in 2008.

For instance, the BBC now queries how the players respond to such severe criticism. Instead of finishing fourth, the team still has a chance to advance to the Champions League.

Conte could be correct, but it’s also his responsibility to step in, and he can’t escape responsibility for the shows, writes BBC Phil McNulty.

Tottenham’s players, in McNulty’s opinion, have two options: either they can refute Conte’s assertions on the field or they may start rebelling against their manager, a boss who has turned them into a “public spectacle,” on the field.

In agreement with Daniel Levy, the chairman of Tottenham, it is now appropriate to consider Conte’s situation during the break for the national team. Next summer, Conte’s contract will expire.

The Athletic continues on.

“He [Conte] spoke like a man who had given up on his players, his relationship with the club, and the whole idea of being the manager to take Tottenham to the next level,” according to The Athletic.

The fourth-place finish is the only objective left, and he even sounds like he’s given up the fight for it.

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