Kun wearing the red shirt. Photo: Archive.

Ricardo Bochini, one of the great idols of Independiente, assured that Sergio Aguero “He deserves a tribute” for his football and financial contribution to the club.

“The” Kun “deserves a tribute for everything he gave to Independiente through his sales. It helped him to have the field he has today,” Bochini said in a dialogue with ESPN.

“I followed him his entire career at the beginning of” Kun “in Independiente. He scored incredible goals, avoiding four or five players. In the midfield, at 11 years old you could already see that he could play and be a great as he was”, manifested the “Bocha”.

For Bochini, Agüero’s return to Avellaneda’s team was “very complicated” due to his validity in European football: “He was playing for important clubs and at a very good time. Later, because of how Independiente is today. If the club had been well , maybe it would have been possible. ”

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