The President of the Olympic Committee of Montenegro, Dušan Simonović, expressed his belief that China will successfully organize the Winter Olympic Games (WOG) in Beijing and that sport will win politics.

Sometimes the political decisions of the great powers affect the presence of certain delegations at the Olympic Games, which certainly represents great damage to this glorious event, Simonovic told the Chinese Media Group (CMG), commenting on the news that the US administration had announced a “diplomatic boycott” of the WOG.

“I think that sport should be separated from politics, it is essentially declaratively separate, but here, as you can see, it can happen and has happened in the past, so that these great political decisions of the great and powerful affect the presence or absence of individual teams. at the games, which would be a great pity … I hope that this time sport, as it has been many times, will win politics “, underlined Simonović.

He said that Montenegro’s expectations from the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Beijing are to gain new experience and for its athletes to appear in the company of other great athletes in the world.

Simonović stated that Montenegro is not a great power in winter sports, but that he is looking forward to the upcoming games.

Speaking about the goal of Beijing to organize “simple, safe and wonderful Winter Olympic Games”, Simonović expressed his belief that the event in Beijing will surely be organized in the best possible way.

“Beijing also showed in our first summer games in 2008 that it can be a great host and will certainly do everything to make everything go in the best possible way this time. It will not be easy at all,” said Simonović.

He believes that China will fulfill its promise to organize green WOGs in Beijing.

“I am sure that China is able to do that, I know what they did in 2008 and then everyone was surprised and delighted with everything they did, and what makes me especially happy is the possibility of using facilities that were in function in 2008. “These renewable sources, alternative energy sources, green energy sources that will be used are certainly a great incentive, a great chance and a great hope for humanity,” said Simonovic.

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