After the Atlanta Hawks backed home at the opening of the Eastern Conference Finals, the Milwaukee Bucks lined up tonight (Friday through Saturday) for the second game and made sure to balance 1.1 in the most convincing way possible. Yannis Antocompo and his teammates ran 91: 125 the fifth.ranked East Coast, with the second half worn to protocol only. Nate McMillan’s team will still return home in an advantageous position, but Mike Bodenholzer’s players have certainly mentioned who is the NBA nominee here.

The visitors only managed to stay in the picture for the first 12 minutes, but in the second quarter stopped at just 17 points while Milwaukee scored 43 and opened a gap of 30 points, which was enough to sail to a crushing victory, with the two teams resting in the final quarter. The Bucks finished with 52.1% from the field and thus crossed the 50% threshold for the first time in the current playoffs.

All the host players were on the board except Justin Jackson, when even our informant Elijah Bryant got 11 minutes and scored 2 points along with 4 rebounds. The scenes were led by Antocompo with 25, Jero Holiday added 22, Brock Lopez contributed 16 and Chris Middleton was relatively calm this time, with 15 overall.

Yannis hovers for two more points | Stacy Revere/Getty Images

On the other side, Trey Young who stunned in the first game with 48 points, stopped this time on just 15 and lost 9 balls, scoring with just one shot off the arc out of eight attempts. No other Atlanta player has scored more than him: Danilo Glinari provided 12 points, John Collins and Cam Radish added 11 each.

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