The general director of the Red Star football club, Zvezdan Terzić, said today that coach Dejan Stanković has the full support of the management and that it is normal that, due to the great desire for success, there are quarrels and misunderstandings in the team.
Dejan Stanković is the coach of the Red Star with a firm contract and full support of the entire management of our club. With Stanković as the head of the professional staff, we made historic results this fall, the best in the last 30 years and we are proud of him and our players. huge emotions and it is normal that under great pressure and the desire to succeed there are certain quarrels and misunderstandings among the actors and this is happening in all clubs around the world, “said Terzic, according to a statement from the club.

Belgrade media reported that on Monday, after the match with Radnik from Surdulica (1: 1), there was a conflict between Stanković and goalkeeper Milan Borjan. The captain announced his departure from the club a few days later.

“It is normal for that to happen in our club as well, and it happened last Monday in our locker room after the game, but we experience it in a positive stellar way, as a reaction to two lost points, which no one expected. And this event is an indicator of great desire that Zvezda wins every game and that the loss of points leaves no one in the club indifferent “, stated Terzić.

He added that even the smallest failure is difficult for everyone in and around the club, and that the interest of Zvezda is the most important.

“Crvena zvezda is bigger than any individual, the interest of the club is above anyone’s interest and we will be guided by every decision. We will come out of this situation, as many times before, stronger, with only one goal to make Crvena zvezda the best “, stated the general director.

“We wish our coach Dejan Stanković, captain Borjan and all other players and coaches a good rest after a successful year, to spend New Year’s and Christmas holidays with their loved ones and to be ready and united to start preparations for winning the fifth consecutive championship title,” he added. Terzic.

Zvezda finished the autumn part of the championship in the Serbian Super League in second place with five points less than the leading “eternal” rival Partizan.

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