Vintage sailing, the first Classic Boat Show in Genoa from 19 to 21 May

At one of the most significant marinas in the Mediterranean, three days are devoted to vintage, classic, and traditional boats. The inaugural iteration of the Classic Boat Show will take place in Marina Genova from May 19 to May 21, 2023, in conjunction with the fifteenth edition of Yacht & Garden, the exhibition-market of flowers and plants of the Mediterranean garden. An unmissable chance to learn about the world of classic yachting and the motorized and sailing boats that make it come to life, according to the organization. Anyone can moor their vintage boat or classic and make it available for visits for sale, renting, or to share this love with other sector aficionados, subject to the organizing committee’s approval. Smaller boats, including motorboats, runabouts, canoes, rowing boats, goiters, and rowing skiffs, will find use on land and even be transported there on road trailers, supporting the convergence of supply and demand.

Requests for free participation in the inaugural Classic Boat Show can be made by owners, model makers, artists, artisans, painters, or associations. Each application will be considered in advance by the organizing committee taking into account the number of berths and the spaces available in the land areas. In order to accomplish this, email a notification of participation to [email protected] or [email protected] with the subject line “Classic Boat Show,” the name of the boat or the sector to which it belongs, at least one photo, and a reference contact.”

Barbara, an 18-meter Bermudian yawl built in 1923 by the English shipyard Camper & Nicholsons, is unquestionably one of the queens of the Classic Boat Show. Barbara is commemorating an important birthday by marking its first 100 years at sea in Genoa. The Viareggio shipyard Del Carlo, which also completed the refitting of the 1914 gauntlet ketch Tirrenia II present at the event, restored this vessel, giving it new life. The 47-meter-long Bermudian schooner Gweilo, which was built in wood in Turkey in 2009 and was created by the Dutch design firm Dykstra & Partners, is one of the sailing giants. This “contemporary classic” is currently for sale. Don’t miss the 29-meter-long, wooden Pandora caged schooner from 1994, a recreation of a bygone postal ship from the nineteenth century. This vessel has served as a floating set for various motion pictures and television shows, including “Elisa di Rivombrosa” and “The Lions of Sicily.”

The 24-meter Paulena of 1966, available for charter cruises, the gaff schooner Amore Mio of 1964, Greylag of 1932, the multiple-award-winning One Tonner Ojalà II, which is celebrating 50 years since its launch, the first historic Moro di Venezia in 1976, and the 15-meter motoryacht Glemhat and Sally, a 20-meter long Burger 60 model, are also on the quay. Coffee, a newly launched 9-meter Bermudian sloop, has generated a lot of interest. An architect from Parma designed and built this boat on his own, using mahogany triple crossed planking, and it has intriguing architectural features that are sure to inspire appreciation.

The Yole of Bantry “Creuza de mä,” a 12-meter-long replica of an old eighteenth-century rowing and sailing launch, served as the inspiration for the educational program Atlantic Challenge, which was founded in 1984 and is devoted to the seafaring education of young people. Kinder Boat is the initiative that provides for the teaching of knots and seamanship maneuvers aboard the Yole of Bantry. There are more than 50 copies of a real small “training ship” that competes every two years during the Contest of Seamanship and can hold up to 10 rowers and hoist three sails.

The Genoese watercolor painter Emanuela Tenti, who has over the years become a source of inspiration for many shipowners for whom she has captured their vintage vessel, will be among the artists, painters, and craftsmen present at the Classic Boat Show. Instead, live demonstrations on how to make “embossed” themes on thin copper plates that give a provocative three-dimensional look will star La Spezia, Italy, artist Silvia Scarpellini, proprietor of the Sbalzidimare Art Studio. Romina Dogliani, known as the “Mastra Feltraia,” and Lucia Pozzo, a writer and the commander of the famed sail Tirrenia II, will present public demonstrations on the use of felt in both horticultural and maritime applications. The sea, mermaids, and flying fish will be the focal points of Salvatore Bonajuto’s show “L’Acquario delle Meraviglie,” which has works on canvas, sculpture, and panels.

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