“I hope to be able to race two or three more years in Formula 1”

Spanish driver Fernando Alonso is confident of being able to “run two or three more years” in the Formula 1 World Championship and then explore other motor disciplines, he indicated in the seventh program of the fiber and mobile telecommunications operator Finetwork of ‘Uno Más Uno Son Tres’ along with footballer Joaquín Sánchez and former basketball player Fernando Romay.

The Asturian driver showed his love for speed and recalled that in his two years without driving a formula one he participated in the Dakar rally. “Formula 1 is one of the few sports in which age influences for the better, since you have more technical knowledge and experience on the circuits. Despite this, I hope to race two or three more years and then dedicate myself to other categories because I love to drive, “said Alonso.

Alonso referred to ‘El Plan’, an enigmatic message repeated by hundreds of fans on social networks with each overtaking, departure, maneuver, good result or comment from the Asturian pilot. He himself says he does not know its meaning and believes that its intention is precisely that, not knowing what the plan of ‘The Plan’ is.

Alonso also entered the most personal field by recounting some of the experiences he has had around the motor world, such as his first go-kart race when he was only 3 years old or his transfer to England when he was just 18 years old.

Likewise, he also commented on some of the aspects that Formula 1 drivers have to take into account in their day to day, such as maintaining weight and the physical preparation required for a race, in which on average they lose around 2 kilos.

There was also room to talk about one of the passions that the three participants have in common: soccer. Fernando Alonso claimed to be a Real Madrid fan, but confessed that there are many times that with races he does not have time to watch the games.

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