Luke and Tom Stoltman eat an insane amount of food

The eating habits of the world’s strongest pair of brothers are amazing.

World the pair of brothers considered to be the strongest, Luke and Tom Stoltmanis preparing for the Games in a wild way.

The brothers’ diet could make an ordinary gym enthusiast or exerciser almost incapacitated.

Of the brothers, Luke, 38, revealed his wild diet to a British tabloid Daily Starin in the interview. He said he eats more than 10,000 kilocalories every day.

Luke is a top powerlifter, and the huge amounts of food have also produced results. He has won the title of Europe’s strongest man once and the title of Scotland’s strongest man five times.

“We don’t usually think about fats or carbohydrates. We’re just looking at calories,” Luke Stoltman said Daily Starille.

The brothers posted on their joint YouTube channel the videowith which they demonstrated their eating before the games.

A day at what is often called the most important meal – breakfast – ten eggs slip into the mouth.

“More porridge on the side. Then after an hour and a half it’s time for the second meal. A lot of protein is eaten at that meal – 300 grams. We eat whatever meat we want enough to get that amount of protein,” Luke Stoltman continued.

After the second meal in the morning, we eat lunch, after which it’s time for training.

After heavy training, dinner is eaten, which in Luke’s case includes hamburgers, 400 grams of potatoes and vegetables.

Normally, Luke eats 10,000 kilocalories a day, but as the race approaches, the amount increases even more.

On the eve of race day, he crams more than 13,000 kilocalories of food into his body.

“Then I eat very high-calorie food. Hamburgers, chips and pancakes. Foods that are easy to get down.”

Luke holds the unofficial world record for deadlifts. The unofficial record is 228.4 kilograms.

The younger part of the pair of brothers, 28-year-old Tom, is a bigger name than his brother in powerlifting circles. Tom Stoltman has won the previous two World’s Strongest Man titles.

The 2023 World’s Strongest Man competition will be held from 19 to 23 April.

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