What a stormy opening to the Tour de France 2021- The prestigious event of the bicycle industry kicked off today (Saturday) with two mass accidents in Pluto, with at the end of the day Julian Alafilip finishing as the winner in the first section- The reigning champion, Taday Fogchar finished Friday-

With all due respect to the winner of the first section, who became the third French world champion to take the first yellow shirt in the column, the story of the day is undoubtedly the accidents in which the riders of the “Israel Startup Nation” group were also injured with Chris Fromm- In the first accident, which occurred about 47 km to the finish, when a fan was holding a sign and standing on the road, rider Tony Martin fell and immediately afterwards dozens of other participants, including members of the Israeli team-

Further down the track, about 6km to the finish, another chain accident occurred during the race with fans present on the side of the road, when in this accident Fromm, who had won the column four times in the past, crashed on the road and needed medical attention after long minutes of standing- He is also a member of the Israeli group, was injured in both accidents and also changed bicycles-

A particularly difficult day in the Tour de France | ANNE-CHRISTINE POUJOULAT/AFP via Getty Images

At the end of the day, seven of the eight riders in the Israeli team were injured in accidents and all recovered and crossed the finish line- The only Israeli Omar Goldstein was ranked 172nd, one after Fromm- The team’s senior is Guillaume Bowen of Canada, who finished 31st- Yasha Suterlin from the first DSM group to retire after the accident-

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