Omicron stops the Serie A basketball championship

The Lega Basket Serie A has ordered the postponement of all matches scheduled for January 2, 2022 valid for the 14th first leg of the championship.

The decision, communicated by President Umberto Gandini, was taken into consideration by the “Sudden exponential increase in infections from Covid-19 throughout the country which has involved and has been involving for a few days many clubs in the Unipolsai Serie A championship ”.

And having taken note of the fact that, precisely as a result of these infections, “the government has taken a measure that will certainly affect the social and sporting life of all the associates in the next few days, with particular reference to the changed regime of the quarantine period to which the positive components and close contacts of the various team groups will have to undergo and the uncertain timing regarding the application of the new capacities inside the sports halls “.

On the whole, “The primary objective of always and in any case preserving the health of all players, coaches, members of the medical and management staff, of all the workers involved, as well as of the referees and table officials “.

The procedures for recovering the postponed races will be indicated in the next few days.

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