Israeli football continues to hurt after the passing of Vicky Peretz at the age of 68. The legendary striker passed away this morning (Sunday) in tragic circumstances and was laid to rest. His old friend at Maccabi Tel Aviv, Bnei Tabak, was interviewed by 103FM and told about the cooperation between the two in yellow-blue, the friendship and the last period in Peretz’s life.

Were you aware of the distress? “We have not been in such off-field relationships lately. I have seen him in veteran encounters that have been. I have not seen anything that indicates something like that.”

Peretz as a person, athlete and team member: “He came from Ramat Amidar in a six- to seven-player deal for him. He had rare striker qualities. I was jealous of his ability to run with a defender, make a turn on the spot and kick right or left. Both legs were at the same level. He was very strong, very technical. “It’s not for nothing that he came to France and made a good career there. He was a modest, nice guy and very friendly. I, as far as I was good, played a game of doubles. He was my other half and I had fun playing with him, he was a real scorer.”

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Only those close to him felt the distress: “I guess in the mental part things bothered him. He hoped he would get more worthy things according to his understanding and the reality was different. On the pitch we are one type of people and when we retire it is very difficult to maintain it. “I have no idea. I know that when there were cases in the past, when players got into certain situations, we helped and donated what we could. In this case we did not receive any application and I was not aware of it.”

Peretz’s game wisdom: “Scoring the goals he scored, and making the moves he made, are just things an intelligent player on the field can do. There were things he did that we would have left open-mouthed, whether in training or games. He had a big one that was his, he was born with her and grew up with her in the neighborhood. He was born with this ability. “

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