The Czech Republic sent a note of protest to Australia due to the problem of tennis player Voračova with her visa

The Czech Republic has sent a protest note to Australia demanding that the country’s authorities explain why they are deporting Czech tennis player Renata Voracova, who has been in Australia since December with the same exception as Novak Djokovic and has already played one preparatory match before the Australian Open.

“We can confirm that the Czech tennis player Renata Voračova is in the same hotel as Djoković, together with several other tennis players, in Melbourne. According to our information, she has proven that she is not contagious in the way that entitles her to participate in the Australia Open. sent a protest note through the embassy in Canberra and we demand an explanation, “Aneta Kovarzova from the press department of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs told the Czech portal Echo24 today.

Unlike Novak Djokovic, Voracova decided to give up the tournament and leave Australia due to her limited ability to train, and the Czech consulate is helping her complete the formalities to leave Australia, the Czech ICJ said.

According to the Czech media, Vorachova recently contracted covid-19 and has enough antibodies, so she obeyed the doctor’s recommendation to wait for vaccination for several months, and thanks to covid-19, she had every right to participate in the prestigious tennis tournament and enter Australia.

The Czech tennis player has been in Australia without any problems since last month, but after the affair over Novak Djokovic’s visa broke out, Voracova was arrested by Australian authorities on Thursday with a request to leave the country and locked in a hotel where immigrants await entry or deportation.

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