No Austrian was as young as Marco Rossi when he made his NHL debut

Reinhard Divis

Debut as a 26-year-old in goal for the St. Louis Blues in 2002, 29 games, 67 goals conceded

Christoph Brandner

Debut in 2003 as a 27-year-old for Minnesota, 35 games, four goals

Thomas Poeck

Debut at the age of 22 in 2004, 122 games, eight goals for the New York Rangers and New York Islanders

Thomas Vanek

Debut as a 21-year-old in October 2005, 1,098 games, 394 goals for Buffalo, NY Islanders, Montreal, Columbus, Florida, Minnesota, Detroit, Vancouver

Andreas Nödl

Debut at age 21 in 2008 for Philadelphia, 195 games and 15 goals for Philadelphia and Carolina

Michael Grabner

Debut at the age of 22 in October 2009 for Vancouver, 680 games, 184 goals for Vancouver, NY Islanders, Toronto, NY Rangers, New Jersey, Arizona

Michael Raffl

Debut as 24-year-old in 2013 for Philadelphia, 585 games, 91 goals for Philadelphia, Washington, currently Dallas

Marco Rossi

Debut as a 20-year-old on Friday night for Minnesota

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