The President of the Assembly of Serbia, Ivica Dačić, stated today that the situation with the Serbian tennis player Novak Djoković, who has been in quarantine in Australia for several days, “will leave consequences on the relations between the two countries”.

Dacic told the Serbian Radio and Television that it is difficult for Australia to accept any arguments of the state of Serbia when it comes to the case of Novak Djokovic.

“This is not a special and specific case, this is about politicizing the issue because hundreds of people received various exemptions and we politicians have been on various decisions all over the world … If other tennis players can come, why does someone treat Novak like that?” Djokovic, “Dacic said.

According to him, what is happening will “leave consequences for the relations between the state of Serbia and the state of Australia.”

“Our relations are not very developed because we are far away, it is a country that considers itself extremely special and specific, they always say that. When we asked for the abolition of visas, they said that the Queen of England must have a visa to come to her country. “Queen. Novak is not guilty of anything, Novak came after their approval to come. This behavior is shameful behavior and it should be made known to Australia,” he said.

Dacic also said that Djokovic has a diplomatic passport of Serbia and assessed that the case of detention was “unusual, shameful and arrogant”.

Djokovic arrived in Melbourne on Wednesday after receiving a medical exemption for participating in the first Grand Slam of the season, although he was not vaccinated against the coronavirus, but he was not allowed to enter Australia because his visa was denied. It has been in hotel quarantine ever since.

Djokovic was supposed to be deported, but that will not happen until Monday, since the first tennis player in the world filed an appeal against the denial of a visa.

The Australian Open starts on January 17, and Djokovic is the nine-time champion of that tournament.

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