Djokovic spoke for the first time since the Federal Court’s appeal was upheld;  Family: He’s already on the field
The best tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic, announced himself on social networks, for the first time since today’s verdict of the Federal Court in Melbourne, which annuls the decision of the Australian Government to cancel the visa for a Serbian player.

“I am pleased and grateful that the judge overturned the visa waiver. Despite everything that has happened, I want to stay and try to compete in the Australian Open. I remain focused on that. I came here to play in one of the most important tournaments we have. , in front of incredible fans “, wrote Djokovic on his Twitter account.

Djokovic also shared a picture showing him training with his team at Rod Laver Arena.

He arrived in Melbourne on Wednesday night, local time, after receiving a medical exemption for participating in the first Grand Slam tournament of this season, the Australian Open.

Immediately upon his arrival, his visa was revoked, and after several hours of questioning by the border police, he was placed in a hotel, which serves as a reception center for migrants.

“For now, I can’t say anything more, but thank you all for being with me through all this and for encouraging me to stay strong,” Djokovic added.

The media reported today that a possible new decision on the abolition of the visa for Djokovic could be made in the coming days.

The Australian Open starts on January 17.

Djokovic’s family: His biggest victory in his career is already on the field
Novak Djokovic’s family pointed out today that the best tennis player in the world achieved the biggest victory in his career with today’s victory at the court in Melbourne, and they said that the whole situation after his arrival in Australia will only give him extra strength.

“Justice and truth came out to see,” said the brother of the world’s best tennis player, Djordje Djokovic, at a press conference in Belgrade.

Today, the Federal Court in Melbourne annulled the decision of the Australian Government on the abolition of the visa for the best tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic, and ordered his release.

That decision was made by Judge Anthony Kelly, who ruled that the decision to cancel the visa was “unreasonable”.

Djordje Djokovic thanked Judge Kelija, who led the case, as he stated, “in great detail and neutrality” and who “saw every aspect of this story”.

“We would like to thank the Australian legal system and Judge Kelly for a fair and correct trial. And I am sure they were under a lot of pressure, because this trial, which lasted more than seven hours, was followed by the whole world,” said Djordje Djokovic.

He pointed out that the first tennis player in the world is free and that he trained. During the press conference, Djokovic himself posted a photo from the field on his Instagram profile.

“Novak was just on the tennis court and training. He went to Australia to play tennis, to try to win another Australian Open and set another record. He left with the best possible intentions,” said Djordje Djokovic.

Despite the court’s decision, the Minister of Immigration of Australia still has the right to revoke the visa for the Serbian tennis player.

“All possible procedures have been followed, Novak has been acquitted. Again, we do not know the law in Australia, but we know that Novak is the cleanest in the world. Djokovic has always acted in accordance with the law,” said Djordje Djokovic.

Novak Djokovic’s mother, Diana, said that it would probably be heard what the Serbian tennis player went through.

“We have never faced a situation like this before. We tried to fight and fight for him, for that voice to be heard all over the world … For me, this is his biggest victory in his career, bigger than all Grand Slams,” she said. Dijana Djokovic.

Djokovic’s father, Srdjan, also pointed out that law and justice have won.

“It was very difficult, but he is a mental bulk, a fantastic man who always tried to help everyone, but it is obvious that some powerful people did not like the fact that he is from a small poor country,” he said.

Srdjan Djokovic stated that they “tried to force him to sign a waiver of the visa”, but that Djokovic did not want that because there was no reason.

Asked by reporters how Djokovic was feeling, his father replied: “This will give him extra strength. They don’t know what they did, they will win ten more Grand Slams. He has so much mental strength, that nothing has disturbed him. He can’t wait 17 January to start the tournament “.

The nine-time Australian Open champion arrived in Australia in the middle of last week after receiving a medical exemption from the coronavirus vaccination, but his visa was revoked immediately upon his arrival in Melbourne.

He has since been in a hotel that serves as a reception center for immigrants, and immediately after the visa was denied, his legal team appealed the decision.

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