The fan who caused a major chain accident on the first day of the Tour de France was arrested today (Wednesday), after several days of extensive searches in France. Remember, that woman was standing a little too close to the track with a “come on grandpa and grandma” sign (a combination of German and French). The German rider, Tony Martin, collided with it and this is what caused the crash of no less than 50 riders. 21 of them were injured and one of them was even forced to retire from the prestigious race.

After that incident, the woman fled the scene and was found only today. It is still unclear whether she turned herself in to police or whether she was found during her escape attempt, but according to reports in France she could face a one.year prison sentence. “The woman who caused the accident left the scene before investigators arrived,” a district police spokesman said Tuesday.

“We do everything to find her. She was wearing glasses and was wearing blue jeans, a red and yellow sweater and a yellow coat.” The director of the Tour de France added: “This is unacceptable behavior. There are safety procedures and fans are not allowed to cross a certain line. It was crazy. We will sue this woman for her behavior.“

One of the riders who was forced to retire after the big accident | ANNE.CHRISTINE POUJOULAT/AFP via Getty Images

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