The decision on the possible revocation of Djokovic’s visa will not be made today

The decision on whether the best tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic, will have his visa for Australia revoked again or not will not be made today, the world media reported. from custody. Immediately after the verdict was announced, it was announced that the Minister of Immigration of Australia could reconsider the abolition of visas.

A few hours after the court’s decision, a spokesman for the Minister of Immigration announced that Alex Hawk was still considering whether to revoke Djokovic’s visa.

“After today’s court decision, it remains at the discretion of the immigration minister to consider abolishing the visa. The minister is currently considering the issue and the process is ongoing,” his spokesman said.

As previously reported by the BBC, Djokovic was in the office of his lawyers during the interrogation.

After the trial, a large security was deployed in front of the building, and soon media representatives gathered, as well as a large number of world number 1 fans who shouted “Release Nolet” and sang patriotic songs.

On the available recordings on the Internet, it could be seen that a few hours later, a black car with tinted windows came out of the building, surrounded by fans chanting Djokovic’s name. However, there is no official confirmation that Djokovic was in that car.

After the police managed to escort the car through a street full of people, there was an incident when the police used pepper spray.

Some media previously reported that Djokovic was arrested, but that information was denied from several sources, including the office of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Australia.

Djokovic arrived in Melbourne on Wednesday night, local time, after receiving a medical exemption for participating in the first Grand Slam tournament of this season, the Australian Open.

Immediately upon his arrival, his visa was revoked, and after several hours of questioning by the border police, he was placed in a hotel, which serves as a reception center for migrants, where he was until today’s verdict of the Federal Court.

The final decision was made by Judge Anthony Kelly after the hearing, which began shortly after midnight Central European Time. Kelly ruled that the decision to cancel the visa was “unreasonable”, ordered that the Australian Government pay all costs and that Djokovic be released within 30 minutes.

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