Serbian PM Brnabic: It is up to Djokovic to explain the gray area around the PCR test
The Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabić, stated tonight that it is up to Novak Djoković to explain the “gray zone” regarding his PCR test result.

“If Djokovic came out knowing he had a positive PCR test, it would be a pure violation of Serbian rules,” Brnabic said in an interview with the BBC.

Djokovic said that he was granted a medical exemption to enter Australia after he was positive for the corona virus in mid-December.

However, questions arise about his public appearances during that period.

Documents presented in court showed that Djokovic tested positive for the corona virus on December 16th, but attended an event in honor of young tennis players in Belgrade a day later, on December 17th.

“If you are positive, you have to be in isolation. I don’t know when he actually got the results, when he saw the results, so there is a gray area. The only answer to this can be given by Djokovic,” Brnabic said.

Serbian regulations on kovid provide for a full 14 days of self-isolation, unless a person who is positive receives a negative PCR test during that period.

If it is determined that Djokovic violated Serbian rules on isolation, Prime Minister Brnabic said that she would have to consult with “relevant authorities and medical workers in charge of enforcing these regulations.”

Australian border officials are currently investigating whether Djokovic’s travel application form contained a false statement stating that he did not travel 14 days before arriving in Australia. Posts on social networks indicate that he was in Spain at the time.

Brnabic described Djokovic as “one of the great champions of Serbia” and said she hoped he would be allowed to stay in Australia and play in the tournament.

She added that she did not agree with his position on vaccination, which she described as “the only effective response to this pandemic”.

“It is important for me to stand by Novak, but also to say that vaccination is very important for the state and for me as Prime Minister,” she said.

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