Manchester United footballer Cristiano Ronaldo said that he did not come to the club to fight for sixth or seventh place in the table and that it is unacceptable that United’s goals are slightly less than the placement among the first three teams in the Premier League. , so the club replaced coach Ole Gunnar Solsher and in December brought in Ralph Rangnik, who was appointed interim coach.

Since then, the team has achieved four victories in seven games, with only three goals conceded, but after 19 rounds in the Premier League, it is still seventh on the table with 22 points behind the leading Manchester City.

Asked if Junajed could hope to reduce the gap for the first four teams without improving the team’s mentality, Ronaldo replied: “Impossible, I think that’s the main thing.”

“I do not accept that our mentality is less than being among the top three teams in the Premier League,” Ronaldo said, according to Sky.

Manchester United lost to Wolverhampton at home on January 3, and then defender Luke Shaw said that he had the impression that there was no unity in the team in that match.

To build good things, sometimes you have to destroy a few things. Why not a new year, a new life and I hope Manchester United can be at the level that the fans want. They deserve it. We are able to change things. I know the way , but I will not mention it here because I think it is not ethical to say that “, stated Ronaldo.

“What I can say is that we can all do better. Manchester United is one of the important things. I don’t want to be in sixth place or seventh or fifth. I’m here to win, to compete. I think we’re competing, but we haven’t at the best level. But we have a long way to go and I believe that if we change our mindset, we can achieve great things, “added the Portuguese footballer.

Ronaldo said that Rangnik needs time to apply his ideas at Old Trafford.

“Since he came five weeks ago, he has changed many things. But he needs time and I believe he will do a good job. We know we don’t play the best football, but we have a lot of games to advance. I think we are better in some things since he came “But he needs time. It is not easy to change the mentality of the players and the way they play, the culture, the system. I believe he will do a good job,” he said.

He also said that the departure of Solsher, with whom he played together in the first term at United, was difficult.

It wasn’t easy. We changed Ole, then (Michael) Kerik was the interim coach, now this new coach. It’s always hard when you change so much. It’s always sad and hard. Ole played with me before he became coach. Fantastic “When he left, everyone was sad, but that’s part of football. When things don’t go the way the club wants, the club has to change. I was disappointed, but we have to understand, it was hard, but life goes on,” he added. .

“It will be difficult, but I am looking forward to it. We have to work hard, to be together as players. We know that we are not in the best moment, but I believe that with hard work we can achieve important things, even this year,” Ronaldo said.

The next game in the United Premier League will be played on Saturday in Birmingham against Aston Villa.

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