The Cts has given the green light to the Covid protocol for the world of sport

Green light of the Scientific Technical Committee al new Covid protocol for the world of sport. The OK of the CTS certifies the agreement reached last Wednesday in the State-Regions Conference on the new rules to be followed, with the postponement of the matches when the number of positives of a club is higher than 35% of the team group.

The premise of the document approved by the State-Regions Conference reaffirmed the need to “find safe rules shared by all administrations, central and territorial, to ensure equal treatment and give certainty to the continuation of sporting activities”.

The team group will supervise the use of antigenic and / or molecular swabs, in compliance with the criteria defined by the Ministry of Health; in the presence of a case within the Team Group, the positive is isolated, monitored and checked as required by national health legislation.

High-risk contacts will be subjected to antigen tests every day for at least 5 days and the obligation to wear the FFP2 mask in all contexts in which no sports activity is carried out. The protocol applies regardless of the vaccination status. In any case, an antigen test with a negative result must be carried out 4 hours before the race and low-risk contacts (subjects who come into contact with the Team Group even on a non-continuous basis) are subject to the measures provided for by ministerial indications, also in relation to the state vaccinal.

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