We are in a not so simple era in football. Money dictates everything, romance is dead, almost every action refers only to the profit line at the end. And the truth is, most of the time there is no time or justification for whining about what used to be better. This is the situation and we all – who are more and who are less – need to adapt to it and get the most out of it.

But once every few years – and usually quite a few years – the opportunity arises for individuals to act differently: to break the familiar patterns of maximizing earning potential and the stage on which you appear in favor of other values, such as those of yesteryear. And there is no better way to do that than to return to your youth team when it is in the second division, in a nervous identity crisis, desperate for a reconnection of the club-crowd-team triangle. Eli Ohana did it in 1991/92 when he came to save Betar Jerusalem and raise it in the league, and 30 years later – it is Eliran Atar’s time to do it with Bnei Yehuda.

Like it or not – deep down, Eliran Atar is a Bnei Yehuda fan, even if he is not a “Bnei Yehuda fan”. It’s not just in the stands that he is affectionately called “Morris”. And despite the affection – there is no audience in Israel that cursed Atar more than Bnei Yehuda fans – but that’s how it is with offended relatives that the talented son goes and knows what annoys him. Atar knows deep down that if he had been in the stands – he would have cursed him too. Because it’s a player who should have taken the team for a positive decade, and instead was sold in an annoying deal to another team. Because fans stand in the stands and see the boy they’ve been talking about for ten years, who had in hand, that Bnei Yehuda absorbed all his pucks off the field – and no, it’s not just the story of the lady and the bag, there were a few more plots – and in the end he went (or was sent) to another place. It’s annoying.

Bnei Yehuda fans. Atar suffered the most | Ariel Shalom

Eliran Atar, who is built as a Bnei Yehuda fan in his DNA – with all the faces and behaviors on the field, there is no doubt that he is a Bnei Yehuda fan with his crashes – is exactly the “shame” that Bnei Yehuda needs at the moment. This is a team that has nothing – Barak Abramov managed within two years to systematically and effectively systematically dismantle the glorious trophy holder of 2018/19. From a team that, if it had kept its roster for two more years, would probably have run for the championship – it made it a very poor relegation to the second division. And now this hollow body, which must rise in the league within a year (“must” is a very gentle word to describe the situation) – must pay attention. Dan Murray is nice, but it’s not enough.

Therefore, it is necessary to specify what the offer that Bnei Yehuda really gave to Atar, beyond the money (which he does not lack anyway, the man is arranged 15 generations ahead): the club turns to Atar and gives him the most important role there is. The throne, the golden job. Tell him come on, I’m already going to deliver, “Yes Prime Minister.”

Atar should be really shocked if he does not come – to go and be humiliated in some Ashdod or Hapoel Haifa just to breathe a little more of the Premier League – it is not his honor. Come to hope, take a contract for two or three, it’s a win-win for everyone: Abramov will regain trust from the crowd, he will regain trust in the team, which will have a very hard time not going up a league with Atar in front, Mori in the back and Kadosh at the goal.

So come on Morris, take the team back to the Premier League and arrange for yourself a glorious and accomplished end to your beautiful career. come home.

Atar. Bnei Yehuda offers him the throne | Ariel Shalom

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