Sweden’s World Cup fiasco: “As inferior a performance as can be” – Sports

Sweden’s World Cup tournament ended with a 1–3 loss to Latvia.

Swedish The World Cup tournament ended with a complete gut punch, when the team lost to the clear underdog Latvia in the quarterfinals with a score of 1–3.

Tre Kronor won the shots crushingly 41–15. In the third set, the shots went to Sweden with a score of 15–6, but Latvia won the set with 2–0 goals.

Swedish goalkeeper Lars Johansson wondered in disappointment at the loss.

“We are a much better team. We should win these matches ten times out of ten,” commented Johansson Aftonbladet by.

“We played 90 percent correctly, but they punished us severely from their own positions. This is really heavy. We didn’t imagine this at all.”

SVT expert Mikael Renberg completely blew away Sweden’s performance.

“This is as inferior a performance as can be. You can call it whatever you want. Sweden must beat Latvia, even if the game is played in Riga”, Renberg said.

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