Liverpool miss out on Champions League: ‘I’m absolutely desperate’

Liverpool missed the Champions League places in the Premier League despite catching up. For many, there is a question of meaning.

For offensive player Mohamed Salah, missing the Champions League qualification with Liverpool is a shock. “I am devastated. There’s no excuse for that,” the Egyptian wrote on Twitter after England’s record-breaking champions Manchester United won 4-1 in the catch-up game against Chelsea late Thursday evening.

Due to the victory of Manchester United, coach Jürgen Klopp’s team can no longer reach fourth place in the English Premier League on the last day of the game.

“We had everything we needed to make it to the Champions League this year and we failed,” Salah, 30, wrote. Liverpool, who won the premier class in 2019, are not in the Champions League for the first time in six years. The Reds are six points behind United and four behind Newcastle United with one game left to play in the season.

Despite the race to catch up in recent weeks, the Klopp team will finish fifth in the Premier League and play in the Europa League next season. “We are Liverpool and qualifying for the competition is the bare minimum,” wrote the disappointed Salah.

It’s only the second time Klopp has finished below fourth in the Premier League since taking office in 2016.

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