The Lions fell, the Finns were disappointed – the auction site is flooded with ticket sellers

On Friday morning, the website had two hundred announcements about admission tickets for sale.

The lions The end of the World Cup in the quarterfinals has caused Finns to change their plans to travel to Tampere, at least based on the sales articles on the online auction site

One of the website’s sales categories is admission tickets for sporting events. At 10:30 in the morning, there were 106 sales announcements in the section. Only a few individual announcements concerned events other than the World Hockey Championships.

The number of tickets to be sold is greater than this, because in many cases more tickets are sold with a single advertisement.

A large part of the announcements has been added to the service after Finland’s elimination from the Games was confirmed on Thursday evening, but it also includes sellers who have sold the tickets they bought before.

Another popular online sales platform,, had not collected any retailers, at least in the morning.

Buying a ticket at full price on the online platform can be tedious, because according to the website, there are still tickets left for all matches.

However, the prices are high: for example, for the semi-final between Canada and Latvia, the cheapest seats are sold for 195 euros, with which you can watch the game from the upper stand.

The semi-finals of the World Cup tournament will be played in the pairs of matches USA-Germany and Canada-Latvia. The remaining matches of the tournament will be played in Tampere. Until now, half of the matches have been played in Riga, Latvia.

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