Perugia-Benevento, suspected offense for Kouan’s goal

The decisive goal of Perugia-Benevento, finished 3-2 in the 38th day of Serie B, in the sights of the FIGC prosecutor who opens a proceeding for sporting offense. In the 94th minute, the hosts scored the 3-2 goal with Kouan, who took advantage of the collective disaster of the Campania defense: goalkeeper Manfredini’s pass with his hands to Leverbe, who leans back on Tosca but in fact dampens the ball, allowing Kouan to strike towards the unguarded goal. The FIGC prosecutor has acquired the video of the match, the members involved in the episode will be heard in the next few days. The goal and the result didn’t change the fate of the two teams, both relegated to Serie C.

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