Partizan coach: No one is happy about the fourth place in the Super League

Partizan football coach Igor Duljaj said today that nobody is happy that the team will finish the competition in the Super League of Serbia in fourth place in the table.

“That fourth position doesn’t make anyone happy, it’s not pleasant. We haven’t been in this place since the breakup of Yugoslavia, it’s extremely difficult and I’m not running away from it. We raised the level of form towards the end of the championship, it’s not up to me to say whether the game is better, I’ll leave it to that to the people who watch Partizan. The fact is that we played very good football against much stronger teams,” Duljaj said at a press conference in Belgrade.

Partizan players will finish the season in fourth place in the table, and in the last 37th round of the Super League, they will play against Voždovac at home on Saturday at 7 p.m.

“I expect us to come out motivated, the Partizan jersey is extremely difficult, no matter what the situation. Partizan’s culture dictates that we always go for the win, regardless of whether we are in an easy or difficult situation. We want to win three points, and it is important that we do that with a nice and good game,” said the black and white coach.
Duljaj said that the players were particularly motivated by the fact that Partizan fans at the handball match against Vojvodina, but also through social networks, invited them to come to Humsk on Saturday.

“After that, believe me, the training yesterday was intense, it was intense and aggressive, in a positive way. Usually when the last games are over, you have a lot of injured players, red cards, someone goes home early. Now everyone is here, apart from the previously injured, no one left and that makes me happy and gives me hope that whoever comes out for tomorrow’s match, they will do their best,” he said.

Speaking about the team, the coach said that he will not combine much and that the footballers who carried the biggest burden of the season will play. Svetozar Marković will certainly not be in the team, and the performance of Lazar Pavlović and Ljubomir Fejsa is uncertain. He added that, unless something unforeseen happens in today’s training, he knows the team that will play against Voždovac.

When asked about the opponent, Duljaj said that it is the youngest team in the league that is not afraid to play openly.

“They play from the goalkeeper, they want an open game, they are not afraid even if they make a mistake. I think it will be a great game, they want to outplay each other, and I feel that there will be many chances,” he said.

Regarding the future, Duljaj said that after the championship, he will talk to people from the club and that the voice of fans and people who understand football is important to him.

He was also asked about cadet Matija Popović, who is playing well for the national team at the European Championship in Hungary.

“That name has been mentioned for a long time, we will not praise him in advance, let him continue with good games, he is in safe hands. Partizan has a good youth academy, many players have been coming out in recent years,” said Duljaj.

He congratulated the Partizan youth team on winning the title, the first in 13 years, and placing in the youth Champions League, and emphasized the good cooperation with the team’s coaching staff.

Duljaj invited the fans to come to Humska on Saturday and said: “There is only one partisan, no one is above the club”.

By Editor