Sports director Catter explains the major squad reorganization at Rapid

However, it is unlikely that the team goalkeeper will be bought out for many millions this summer. Because Katzener did not accept an exit clause when Hedl extended his contract until 2027, which has now been officially confirmed by the sports director.

It has not yet been decided whether Kevin Wimmer another contract offer is made.

Option at Kasius

Otherwise, the players with expiring contracts after the extension with Leo Querfeld only the future of Dense Kasius open. As reported by the KURIER at the end of January, Rapid has an opportunity to sign the loan player from Bologna.

Katzener says: “But that will be decided later. There are more urgent questions in our planned squad reinforcement, and of course we also have to weigh up when we can invest where and how much.”

No Aiwu Clause

Going in the other direction, namely from Italy back to Hütteldorf, was rumored to have happened after Cremonese was relegated Emanuel Aiwu can. Katzener clearly contradicts: “That is not an issue because there is no clause for a buyback from Aiwu. Even after Cremonese were relegated nothing changes, there is no way for us.”

First newcomers

Currently, the first signings (in addition to Fally Mayulu) finalized. All of this happens in close, daily coordination with the head coach. Zoran Barisic will – as by President Alexander Wrabetz emphasized in the KURIER – definitely be the Rapid coach next season.

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