The third round at Wimbledon continues today (Saturday) with some intriguing results. In men, Matteo Bartini, Lorenzo Songo and Hubert Horkach qualified for the quarter-finals, while Roger Federer and Alexander Zebrav are currently looking for a ticket to the next round against Cameron Nuri and Taylor Fritz respectively. Later, Danil Medvedev will also try to get the ticket to the quarterfinals against Marin Cilic. For the women, young Coco Body and her mother Raducano advanced to the next stage, while an unusual incident occurred in a meeting between Yelena Ostapenko and Elia Tomlianovic.

The current match day was wonderful in terms of Italian tennis. For the first time since 1955, two representatives from the boot country will play in the quarter-finals of Wimbledon, after That Matthew Bartini (9) Man 4: 6, 4: 6, 4: 6 over Elias Badna (Slovenia, 64) while Lorenzo Songo (27) defeated James Duckworth 3: 6, 4: 6, 4: 6 (Australia, 91). Hubert Horkach (18, Poland) also qualified for the quarterfinals after 3: 6, 4: 6, 2: 6 over Alexander Bublik (Kazakhstan, 38).

There was a great sensation in women When her mother Reducano (UK, 338) Qualified for the quarterfinals. The 18-year-old actress defeated Sorna Kirsta 3: 6, 5: 7, Which is ranked 45th in the world. Another promising young woman, Coco body (United States, 23), also advanced to the next round after 3: 6, 3: 6 over Kia Yuvan (Slovenia, 102).

Coco body | AELTC/Jed Leicester – Pool/Getty Images

An unusual incident was recorded in the game between Yelena Ostapenko (Latvia, 34) and Elia Tomlianovich (Australia, 75). In the third and decisive act, when the momentum was on the Australian side, Ostapenko asked for a medical time-out and claimed she could not continue due to pain. Her opponent turned to the referee and claimed forgery an injury: “She’s lying, we all know that. Take into account that she looked fine?”. The timeout was approved, and Ostapenko returned to the game eventually, but Tomlianovic came out with the ticket to the quarterfinals after 6: 4, 4: 6, 2: 6.

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