The championship it won last season for the first time in a decade has led to a big appetite for bMaccabi Haifa Which made an impressive procurement campaign this summer, hoping to incorporate success in Europe this time. After a successful training camp in the Netherlands comes the real thing. Tomorrow (Wednesday) Barak Bachar’s team will start its way in the Champions League qualifiers in a very important game against Kiryat (Starting at 19:45, live broadcast on Sport2). 22,000 thousand fans Already purchased tickets For a game with Sami Ofer. Coach Barak Bachar sounded confident at the press conference. He is pleased with the completion of the staff at a very early stage and dreams of the houses stage. Next to him sat Captain Neta Lavie. He also referred to the condition of the injured: “Jose Rodriguez is training regularly and is on the squad, Strain and Ofri Arad with relatively minor injuries and from next week they will train normally.”

Bachar He said at the beginning of his remarks: “We went to a training camp relatively early, until recently there was a championship game and we celebrated and everything happened so fast. I was happy, we managed to keep the existing base and added players we think fit both humanly and professionally to the team. It goes without saying that we are going to a camp with a full staff and players that we wanted to bring in. It is possible to praise the management that made every effort to make this happen.

Team fitness: “We did good preparation in the Netherlands for a week with two training games, players get into fitness but of course it is not full fitness, it is impossible to get from zero to a hundred in two to three weeks. I trust the players who understand the meaning of each action and together we will look good tomorrow.”

Barak Bachar | Maor Alexelsi

Is he afraid of Kyrat and the crowd advantage: “Nothing bothers me, we respect every team that plays against it. This team is already at the peak of its season, in a good period, wins league games and scores a lot of goals and of course in this aspect they have a clear advantage. We will do everything to reduce this gap with the players “Our quality, hard work and thanks to the audience that will be above the 12th player tomorrow. This audience not only came to see a show but also came to work and I have no doubt that tomorrow he will be part of the team and help us make a good result.”

The third time that Kyrat meets with an Israeli team, what does he know about it: “It happened to me for the third time in a row, fortunately this year it happens in the Champions League but it is a very strong team, we talked about them at the peak of the season and kept most of their players. The players from a year ago and two years ago. This is a very aggressive team with a very dangerous offensive part. We expect a very difficult game and now there are two games unlike last year. It will be difficult in Kazakhstan but we focus on the first game. There are owners who invest many years, the budget is high. I hope all That information will help us win the game. “

On the abolition of foreign exchange rates: “Our DNA is to come from the beginning and do everything to score and press and win and that’s how it will be in every game against every team. We want to do what characterizes us tomorrow as well. The change of foreign goals is irrelevant.”

Barak Bachar
Barak Bachar | Maor Alexelsi

Staff strengthening: “I do not think the change is significant and dramatic. For that we made the exchanges that we thought were right to thicken the staff and increase competition in every position. I think every position has two good players. That was my ambition and I was happy to do it. We are in a great starting position for this season The emphasis was first and foremost on good human material and wonderful children with good personalities came, but in the end also good football players. The goal this year is to deepen the staff. There is a long season here that each season is on its own and you never know what will happen. “The two best players and even that they will be on an equal level. I am very pleased with everything that has come.”

Offensive options: “Goodsway Donio, Ben Shehar, Dean David, excellent offensive part. I have no doubt that whoever plays will do his thing. We have a good staff and good substitutes. We saw that in training camp and in the last game as well. I trust the whole staff.”

It was important for the coach to make it clear: “We do not have outcasts. There is a game we want to prepare for in the most correct way and those who are not supposed to be on the roster are better off not at these meetings. “More work. On Thursday, everyone is training with us.”

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The desire to improve in Europe:“I always strive for the highest. We wanted to take a championship last year of course and we met that goal. Right now there is more time in the league. Of course the goal is to win again, right now we want to make another leap in Europe. This process started two years ago with Marco Belbul. And were relegated against Strasbourg unlucky. Last year if not for Tottenham then I think we could have reached the home stage. It starts with tomorrow’s game, a strong team, we’ll do everything to move forward. In the Champions League. “

The captain Lavie He said: “We know Kirat and we have prepared, we have already played against them. For many games in the league they try to come out in front of us for bursts. I strive to get better but of course it is team work .. We work on it and know what is expected of us.” “I do not want to say what we know about the opposing team, maybe it will reach them, we will see it tomorrow. We will play on their weaknesses and prevent them from showing their strengths. This is a very good team that is in good shape and we are preparing accordingly.”

The hunger of the group: “For a whole decade we did not take a championship and there was an amazing hunger but in football you forget that tomorrow everything starts again. Even if there were two weeks or a month break and we have to show tomorrow that everyone is in good shape. We are hungry. “We are looking at the game tomorrow. A year ago it was not easy for us. We have to do things in the best way to get through it.”

“We draw a lot of confidence from the championship but understand that it all starts from the beginning and we have to work very hard and show the same hunger, we will prepare in the best way possible. Great players arrived at the professional level this year, and off the field, they will help us meet goals. Football is always difficult and every game is “Most importantly. We have to move step by step, each game individually and do things right. Very high quality players have arrived but we have to prove ourselves. We want every game to win and create a lot of opportunities. We will do everything to win.”

Neta Lavie

His ability: “I think I have to improve everything, I’m still young. Last year I played in a different position and taught him well how to help the team. I do not think there is one thing I have to do. The sky is the limit.”

When will he leave Maccabi Haifa abroad: “I have a dream to come to Europe but at the moment I am a Maccabi Haifa player and as long as I am here I will give everything for the team that has given me a lot. I really want to succeed here and I really like the club.”

Neta Lavie, Barak Bachar

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