A very exciting moment on Wimbledon’s main pitch took place tonight (Wednesday). Roger Federer, who has won the tournament eight times, lost 6: 3, 7: 6 (4), 6: 0 to 14th-ranked Polish Hubert Horkach and finished his way to the quarterfinals. After the game, the Swiss went down to the locker room when on the way there all 15,000 spectators on the field stood and applauded him and he returned them.

When asked if this is the last time he has played at Wimbledon Central, he said Federer: “I do not know, I really do not know. I need to recover. My goal has always been to play Wimbledon again. The initial goal was to play here last year. It did not happen and there was Corona. I was able to do it this year and I am very happy about it. Like. I said I knew we would sit and talk about the future after Wimbledon, I have to take a few days. Obviously we’ll talk tonight and see how I feel. I’ll see what I need to do to get in good shape that will allow me to compete properly. “Everything I went through. Obviously I would like to play again, but at my age you can not be convinced of that.”

Federer went on to say: “I felt very disappointed after the game, I’m still disappointed. Even so, there is a weight falling off your shoulders when the tournament is over, when you achieve or not achieve such a big and important goal. I am exhausted, I feel very exhausted. I can go to sleep now, That’s how I feel. It’s a weird feeling. I gave it my all and when it’s over I feel like I can go to sleep because I’m so mentally exhausted, from that I pushed myself forward and tried everything. The last 18 months have been long and hard. I’m very sad, but it’s always like that And after a few hours or a few days, I’m back to myself. ”

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Horkach Excited, he said after the game: “This is the most special thing for me. To play here and beat Federer, who did such special things here, is a dream come true. I am proud and happy to be here. I can not wait for the next game.”

Past tennis player Boris Becker He said: “I noticed a lot of ball misses, weird points from Roger and of course the set where he lost 6-0. He will not say he is nervous or upset, but I do not know if we will see this big man here again. The other side of the coin is “There are clear rules in tennis and even Roger Federer has to obey them and they include games. You do not achieve playing ability in training. You only realize how good you are when you put yourself in a position of games and today it was not good enough.”

Past tennis player John McEnroe He said: “I do not believe what has happened now, but Federer is human.” Mats Willander: “Horkach was too good today. Federer is not at his best at the moment and that’s clear. But Horkach made him look like a regular player for a change. He’s a very good player. When you’re not playing enough you lack confidence. On the rest of your game when your most significant weapon is not functioning perfectly. The fear effect begins to dissipate in Federer, as it happens in everyone, but in him it is more significant than in everyone. Horkach played in an amazing and stable way and he deserved to win. “.

The numbers

Hubert Horkach became the second Pole to reach the semi-finals of the Grand Slam. The previous tennis player to do so was Jerzy Janowicz, who also did it at Wimbledon in 2013.

At 39 and 337 days old, Federer wanted to become the oldest tennis player to reach the Wimbledon semi-finals.

Hubert Horkach
Hubert Horkach | TPN / Contributor

This is the first time Federer has been eliminated from Wimbledon after a loss in three sets since 2002, then defeated in the first round by Croatian Mario Anchic.

This is the first time Federer has absorbed a bagel (campaign on zero) at Wimbledon and overall the third time this has happened to him at a Grand Slam. In the previous two cases it was at Roland Garros – against Rafael Nadal in 2008 and against Patrick Rafter in 1999.

Horkach is the fourth player to beat Federer on grass without dropping a battle. Before him were Yevgeny Kaplanikov at Wimbledon 2000, Mario Anchic at Wimbledon 2002 and Andy Murray at the 2012 Olympics.

Horkach opened the year with a 9: 5 balance against top 10 rivals and this year he is with 1: 4, including four such victories in a row: against Stefanos Tsitsipas (5) and Andrei Rublev (8) in Miami, against Daniel Medvedev (2) and Federer (8) At Wimbledon.

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