The final result in the second semi-final of the Wimbledon tournament was not the only thing that would frustrate Dennis Shapovalov tonight (Friday). During the game in which he lost to Novak Djokovic, the Canadian was furious with the referee following his ruling with the help of the “Hawk’s Eye” system and simply lost his temper following the decision.

The referee ruled that a ball submitted by Djokovic landed outside the court, when the call came after Shapovalov hit back. The Serb asked for a challenge and also won it, which gave him a victory in the second set and caused his opponent to shoot at the referee following the critical timing in which he made the decision, even though the test showed that the ball was indeed inside.

“Half an hour before my hit, half an hour! What are you doing ?!”, he shouted Shapovalov About the judge. “How can you rule such a thing at a battle point? Are you kidding? The reading was half an hour before my punch, I slipped. Congratulations, this is your last time on this chair.” The 22-year-old tennis player was eventually defeated 3-0 by Djokovic, knocked out of the Grand Slam tournament and dropped off the surface in tears.

Dennis Shapovalov | Julian Finney/Getty Images

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