AGI – Every ‘fan’ worthy of the name knows that a sporting Sunday like the one that is coming happens very few times in life. Tennis and football. Matteo Berrettini and Roberto Mancini’s boys. Game, set, match on one side and the triple whistle on the other.

The desire for blue will run through entirely the little more than 15 kilometers that separate Wimbledon from Wembley, the two strongest symbols of London made of grass, white lines and nets. But also of rights, backhands, free-kicks and penalties, electronic hawks and Var.

On the grass of Wimbledon

It starts immediately after lunch with the renunciation of the classic weekend nap. On the central court of Wimbledon, around 3 pm, the first Italian able to reach the final of the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world takes the field. Matteo Berrettini, from Rome, 25, has a new appointment with history after having already written some chapters of it these days.

To consecrate oneself to the top one last step is missing, the highest and therefore the most difficult to climb. His opponent is still wrapped in the question mark. He will come out of the challenge between the Canadian Denis Shapovalov and the super favorite of the day before Novak Djokovic, number one in the world. If it were to be the latter, the matter would become quite complicated but would perhaps become even more stimulated.

The Serbian, in fact, is looking for the twentieth Slam title of his long career at Wimbledon, to reach Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer in this particular ranking and to feed a dream called “Grand Slam” after the successes in 2021 in Australia and Roland Garros .

On the grass of Wembley

After dinner, however, in the early evening, the final act of Euro 2020 between England and Italy is staged. A match that confronts the two teams that have most convinced fans and critics through play and dedication. And here too the expectations are very high, as well as the pressure they are generating.

The National Team of the Three Lions has been waiting to raise a trophy since 1966, the home edition of the World Cup, to satisfy an emotional need, which tears apart those who have created it for 55 years. The Azzurri, likewise, hope to erase over 50 years of continental disappointments and forget that the latest success was in 1968.

Finally, at Wimbledon and Wembley, there will certainly be no lack of noise. The soundtrack marked by the fans will be made up of chants and slogans, applause and whistles. With an infinite string of “come on”, in full ‘British’ style, which will become universal. In addition to supporting the home favorites, after a year of pandemic, silence and restrictions, they will also be able to instill strength and courage in their opponents.

Fifteen kilometers, two companies to pursue, thousands and thousands of fans, on stands and sofas ready to cheer or console each other. For a Sunday like this it is better not to make any commitments.

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