AGI – At the request of the FIGC, the tour on board the Azzurri’s open bus from Palazzo Chigi to the Hotel Parco dei Principi was shared by the institutions. This is what Gabriele Gravina, president of the Italian Football Federation explains in a note, explaining how the celebrations of our national team were managed after the conquest of the European Championships.

“Interpreting the popular sentiment, in the days preceding the Wembley final the Italian Football Federation – says Gravina – asked for the authorization, always denied, for the celebrations of a possible European success, identifying different locations (including Piazza del Popolo) where a ceremony could be held in complete safety with limited numbers and in compliance with all the prescriptions of the moment. Without viable alternatives – it is explained again -, the FIGC organized the return of the team to Florence at the Technical Center of Coverciano for the immediate dissolution of the delegation. The return to Rome was expected only after receiving welcome invitations from the Head of State and the President of the Council of Ministers“.

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The coach of the National team in via del Corso

According to Gravina, “after the ceremony at the Quirinale, at the request of the team, which saw the crowd increase in a few minutes on the way to Palazzo Chigi, the request was reiterated to be able to use the open bus, prepared in advance for any eventuality, in order to share the immense happiness for a sporting success of this magnitude with the thousands of people already massed on the streets. On the way to Piazza Colonna, the covered bus carrying the team was repeatedly slowed down, then blocked and literally overwhelmed by the affection of the now very numerous people, who in any case already did not wear personal protective equipment (so-called ‘masks’) “.

Upon arrival in front of Palazzo Chigi – this is the reconstruction of the FIGC president – “felt that the situation was no longer manageable as the covered bus had not dissuaded the fans from encircling the Italian delegation in all ways, we still reiterated the request, at this point shared by the institutions, for a short journey with the open bus, also with a view to protecting the safety of the players and not to disappoint the thousands of people who had already poured into the center of the capital in the hours preceding this meeting “.

“For how those excited moments of great popular participation were managed, the FIGC thanks the representatives of the Order, who accompanied the national team with a great spirit of service and commendable professionalism”.

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