The United States team continues to prepare for the Olympics, and precisely after achieving its debut victory in the preparation, 80: 108 over Argentina, it once again receives unpleasant news. One of the key players on the team, Bradley Bill of the Washington Wizards, will be forced to miss Tokyo 2020 in light of his entry into isolation. Now, the United States will have to find a replacement for the 28-year-old guard.

Bill’s teammate, Bam Adbaio, Revealed that the guard was infected with the virus: “A person has a corona, in this situation you do not think about who will replace him but think about his condition, symptoms and what he is experiencing. I talked to him and he said he feels good, he has no symptoms.” It was later learned that another player on the team, Jeremy Grant of the Detroit Pistons, had also gone into isolation, but he is currently still on Greg Popovich’s squad. While not sure if Bill was infected with the corona virus, senior reporter Shams Charania reveals that Grant was found to be negative for the virus.

Popovic’s team was under criticism in light of the losses to Nigeria and Australia in the warm-up games, and the team’s main star, Kevin Durant, Interviewed by Yahoo, talked about the process the team is going through and compares the American team to its rivals: “We are a team that is still forming and trying to find its identity. We have so many great players that you can play a lot of ways but we are sometimes hesitant on offense and defense. “We are trying to resolve these issues, the other teams are more cohesive and running their exercises. We are working on these things. The stars have arranged for us to lose early.”

“Look at the rosters of the other teams. If you’re looking for NBA players, then they have,” Durant continued, “Understand where we are as a team and then draw conclusions. “They are a first option in attack and they are used to playing this role in the national team uniform. We are still making adjustments, and that is not an excuse, there is a connection that people need to understand. We did not expect to lose, but it happens.”

While many senior players choose to give up representing the United States team, for Durant this is a self-evident act: “I feel this is what I am supposed to do with my life. What am I supposed to do? No one should encourage me to represent the country. If I needed it. “I was not here. We concentrate on making progress as a team. We do not come as if we will defeat everyone, we know it will be difficult, and that’s okay, it’s a competition.”

Kevin Durant and Greg Popovich | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

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