Is Damien Lillard planning to leave the Portland Trail Blazers? In the last day there have been reports that he intends to apply for a trade and that his favorite destinations are the Philadelphia 76ers or the New Green Knicks, but the big star, who is currently in Las Vegas with the United States team preparing for the Olympics in Tokyo, claims otherwise.

Lillard told the cameras that he has not yet made a decision on his future, but also added that he intends to stay with the team next year: “It is not true that I asked to leave, I did not make any decision about the future. There is no need for anyone to speak on my behalf,” the star said.

Asked Lillard if the current Portland can compete for the championship, he said: “My intention has been to stay in Portland all my career, my heart has wanted that too, but time passes and I am one who wants to win everything.”

As you may recall, Portland were relegated this season in the first round of the playoffs and have already announced their departure from their coach, Terry Stotes, to replace him with the Chonsey Billups, but it is not at all certain that they will be able to keep Lillard signed until 2024. On the subject – or at the latest it will happen next summer. It was also reported that Billups and professional manager Neil Olshey are expected to meet with Lillard in the next day in Vegas.

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