XV of France: “It was a joke”, assures Stade Français after Galthié’s muscular speech

A controversy “which has nothing to do there” according to Stade Français. The day after the Blues’ training at Rueil-Malmaison marked by the muscular speech of Fabien Galthié, the staff who supervised the hopes of the Stade Français assured that there was nothing problematic and that it was a question of ‘a “joke”.

“Put me the best players as receivers, stop putting painters as receivers,” said the coach of the French XV, before the start of training. Give me the guys who are awake, not the ones who are sleeping… A clever guy, not a penguin. » The team executives were then preparing to rehearse their routines one last time before heading to their new base camp in Aix-en-Provence in the evening, a few days before their match against Namibia.


A start of controversy that Stade Français itself wanted to put an end to on Sunday evening. Boris Bouhraoua, assistant coach of the Ile-de-France club, was the guest of Bartoli Time on RMC and assured that these words were spoken in a tone of “joking”. “Training hadn’t even started,” he assures.

“I find it unfair what is happening”

“It was important for me to speak out because I find what is happening, and this current controversy, a little unfair,” he explained. I was lucky enough to be there this morning (Sunday). I was next to Fabien and I can tell you that it would be a big mistake to summarize everything that has happened since last Monday with these few words. We’ve had the chance to work with the XV of France for a very long time. To sum up a very rich training sequence for the French XV and obviously for our young players at Stade Français and for the staff, I am quite disappointed. » And added: “Fabien, we know him very well, it was really a joke”.

“We even laughed about it among ourselves,” Bouhraoua finally indicated, ensuring that the young players of his club had not been offended by the comments of the Blues manager. Honestly, nothing happened. He came to see us at the end, thanking the young people, saying that they had worked very well and that was the goal of the day.”

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