Euro 2020 will be remembered forever as a tournament that brought the two powers together, England and Italy, to a historic final that we all know well that ended in a dramatic victory for the Italians after a tense penalty shootout. Exactly one week after the grand final, the network was filled with a variety of examples of Euro-inspired tattoos and of course those of the Copa America final, so Leo Messi and his Argentina finally waved the trophy together. First it was Argentina national team player Angel Di Maria who added a huge tattoo to his collection when a tattoo of his hand holding the Copa America Cup on his left thigh. “This is the trophy I most wanted to tattoo on my skin,” the extremist wrote.

Paris Saint-Germain’s newcomer to the dressing room of Paris 2020 and Euro 2020 final hero Gianluigi Donaroma, like him, also decided to tattoo the trophy that brought him and his team the title: European Champions. He chose to do the tattoo on the inside of his arm and was quick to post the result in the story. The two will soon reunite and will also be able to take care of a joint picture of the trophies.

Beyond them, one of the tattoos that has garnered the most reactions and shares is the famous frame in Giorgio Chiellini’s Euro Meg pulls on Bucciao Saka’s shirt. One of the Italian fans decided to tattoo him and remember the moment the Italian team won, forever. It’s Coming Rome – so it is written everywhere about the tattoo that best illustrates the Italian victory and the disappointment that the Englishman’s well-known slogan, It’s Coming Home, did not materialize.

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