Rafael Rotter: “Head coach at the Capitals would be a dream”

The Viennese ice hockey legend received a fitting farewell on Sunday. At kurier.tv he reveals a big wish.

“I always wanted to leave something lasting behind in Vienna.” Rafael Rotter has succeeded in this, his jersey with the number 6 is no longer given away, it hangs under the roof of the hall. “There is no more honor,” he says, moved.

The honor was emotional for him. “I’m the kind of person who complains to some people during films, so I’m a bit of a softie. I was in tears at the end on Sunday. It was a cool moment with a lot of goosebumps. If you’re rewarded like that by the club in the end, then that’s it I can only take my hat off and say thank you, especially to Hans Schmid.”

Rotter is currently circling on the ice in Kitzbühel and wants to pass on his experience to young players. He feels right at home in the city and in the club, was given an apartment and a car, and the gym, which is important to him, is even in the same building. “You don’t find such conditions at every Bundesliga club.”

He wants to learn a lot from coach Marco Pewal, with whom he played together. Maybe for your career afterwards. “I haven’t dealt with that for a long time.” Maybe a mistake. “I’m already thinking about that.”

Where could the path lead the 36-year-old? “Maybe back to Vienna, I can imagine working for the Caps again.”

Rotter immediately sets himself high goals. “I always wanted to be behind the bench as a head coach, initially as an assistant coach, that would be a little dream for me. In the city where I grew up. I can imagine that.”

The million-dollar question is quickly answered. What will Rafael Rotter do after his career? A) real estate shark, B) ice hockey coach, C) dress man or D) tattoo artist. “I’ll stay on the ice hockey track. That’s always been mine.”

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