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Jarmo Kekäläinen and John Davidson apologized for their mistake.

Columbus Blue Jacketsin GM Jarmo Kekäläinen and his supervisor, the head of the club’s puck operations John Davidson appeared in front of the press on Monday at the club’s season-launching media day.

The two apologized Mike Babcockin salary. They admitted they made a big mistake in signing Babcock as a coach.

Babcock resigned Sunday before coaching a single game in Columbus. In the background is the telephone scandal that was revealed last week.

“I met the players this morning and apologized for any strange situations they may have been in. That was my sincere apology. I am very disappointed with what has transpired over the past week”, Kekäläinen stated.

According to Kekäläinen, Babcock was hired after personal relationships and extensive investigative work.

“I assure you that we did everything very thoroughly. I felt that he deserves another chance to coach in the NHL. It was ill-conceived and the responsibility is mine.”

“I don’t think Mike had any malice. It was the way he wanted to get to know the players. Whether it was or not, some of the players didn’t feel comfortable with his methods, and that was worrying,” Kekäläinen barked.

Babcock is known to have wanted to see photographs of, for example, the families of his new subordinates. His supervisor Kekäläinen himself also showed him pictures of his family from his phone – and Babcock of his own, when the contract negotiations took place.

“I had no problem with that. I understand that it can be unpleasant for some”, Kekäläinen said.

Davidson stressed that like the team captain Boone Jenner last week in a statement said, for example, Jenner had no problems with Babcock.

On the other hand, he said that Columbus club management does not have exact information about what happened in the events between some players and Babcock. These issues were clarified by the NHL and the players’ association NHLPA in their own investigations.

“He made some players very uncomfortable and we can’t let that continue,” Davidson formulated.

“Sometimes when things happen with players, it’s a private world. You have to leave it at that. I know things happened that led to this point.”

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