Marcelo Brozović wears an Arab costume and dances with a sword

U Saudi Arabia preparations are underway for the national holiday on September 23, when 91 years will be celebrated since the Kingdom of Nejd and Hejaz was renamed the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by royal decree.

The largest state of the Arabian Peninsula has retained that name to this day. State-owned clubs will also be included in the celebration, and among them is the first league Al-Nassr. With the help of the state, the mentioned club managed to hire several grandiose reinforcements. Cristiano Ronaldo joined Zimus Club as a free agent.

This summer they signed a Croatian midfielder for Al-Nassr Marcelo Brozović (30), Senegalese superstar Sadio Mane (31), Spanish national team player Aymeric Laporte (29)… The mentioned soccer players appeared in a video in which they wear traditional costumes and dance the traditional aardhu dance, also known as the sword dance.

“All together, for one flag. We dream and make it come true,” said Al Nassr with the video.

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