Even before the opening of the Tokyo Olympics we got a big and mysterious drama with the disappearance of weightlifter Julius Skitolko from the training camp of the Ugandan delegation to Japan. The 20-year-old athlete aroused suspicion among his delegation when he did not come for a corona examination at the camp and was not even in his hotel room. The municipality of Izumisno, which hosted the Ugandans, announced that it had begun a search for him and even informed the police about it.

A few days after the incident, the reason for Skitolko’s sudden disappearance becomes clear. The Japanese news agency Kyodo News reported that the athlete had left a letter in which he announced that he “wants to stay in Japan. I want to live here because my life in Uganda is difficult.” In addition, Skitolko reportedly requested that all his belongings be sent to his wife in Uganda.

Meanwhile, the Japanese news agency claims that the weightlifter was located in the city of Nagoya, about 200 kilometers from the abandoned place. Skitolko, who was traveling to Nagoya by train without his passport in the hands of the delegation, but only with his cell phone, was seen on the security cameras of the train station. The weightlifter came to Japan when he was just on the waiting list for the Olympic competition. The Ugandan was waiting to see if he would eventually compete, but when a minister learned he would not participate, he chose to flee the camp in light of the fact that he was due to return to Uganda on Tuesday.

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